battle beyond

The tantrums have escalated and the time extended with no consolation prize in between. Its his way or no way.

One of the ways in dealing with tantrums is first time he has a tantrum about something like driving the car into the garage he is no longer allowed that privilege.

But then there are other once off issues and so we had one of those tonight. We wanted to make pancakes and he loves doing that on a Friday evening. I was going out and had limited time and wanted o start dinner early. He wanted to watch his new dvd now. We explained if he did we wouldn’t be able to make pancakes. Instant gratification won and he watched the dvd.

After he began whinning about making pancakes. I said no upon him carrying on I put him in his room to cry about it. He threw things shouted screamed calmed came out. Looked at me and began again same shouting, nagging crying. Back to the room he went kicking and screaming but careful not to kick me else his behind would be stinging.

This went on and on for about and hour at least. My hub was like “please let me make pancakes with him” I stuck to my guns making him stick to his deal of watching the dvd.

He has to learn one way or the other there are consequences to his decisions. My heart was breaking seeing my child sobbing so hard but I had to be tough. I promised we could have pancakes for breakfast. That wasn’t acceptable and the performance continued with hun now pleading on his behalf.

I then threatened if he didn’t stop we would never again make pancakes in this house. It is sold and we moving in two months time lol. This jolted him but not enough to stop. I thought he was going to go to sleep performing.

Suddenly he saw me getting dressed ignoring him and he came and hugged me and said “sorry mom, tomorrow is fine to make pancakes ”

We spent a lovely 10 minutes reading a book together laughing and chatting.

One up for mom. Gracious me I was a tough cookie tonight and I never raised my voice once.


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