This post goes out to a dad who lived life to the full. Yes he was an alcoholic yes it made him ill and shortened his life span maybe but he was my dad and hero.

My dad made a load of mistakes as a parent but it was easy to forgive him because he showed me how to laugh live and forgive.

Did he hold grudges yes funny enough only against his brother. Other than that he fogave and forgot quickly.

He taught me to do impromptu crazy things. My favorite being a trip to the beach to swim in the rain. If I was sick off to the beach for a swim

He would forget important dates like concerts, sport days and loads of other things. But he would suddenly pitch after church and take me to the zoo and I was an adult already.

He spent many Sundays taking us to the zoo, musemes parks, rowing, the beach, just window shopping. Time invested in my bro and I most kids could only dream of.

He and my mom were divorced but he made the effort to see us regularly. Oh there were plenty of times he forgot arranged dates and we spent hours waiting for him.

Then he took us to live with him. Who in those years had heard of a dad raising two kids on his own.

Yes I witnessed him lying there drunk or having to drive with him as he fell asleep behind the wheel.

But we had dinner every night, a roof over our head, and he went to work every single day without fail.

Dinner being one night mash and sausage and one night mince and rice. Friday burger patties and eggs, saturday fend for yourself and Sunday two meals at the hotel.

So he may not have been a perfect dad but he loved us as best he could.

Love and miss u dad


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