to the man sho grew up

A few years ago how different life was it was filled with loneliness and a lot of alcohol.

I was not one that enjoyed drinking due to the fact that my parents were alcoholics and I was afraid of it.

My husband was drinking heavily a litre of brandy in a Friday evening. If there was any left in the morning he would rise around 4am and polish it so by the time I woke up he would be passed out or nearly.

Waking we would head for the shops and he would buy another bottle for a repeat episode of Friday night. Finishing the bottle and maybe buying a smaller bottle for the afternoon.

A few times he had decided to give it up but always lost the battle against alcohol.

Then 3 years ago the he stopped cold no more alcohol and how life has changed.

Rick I am incredibly proud of how you have grown up. You have turned into an awesome Father and a wonderful husband.

Your maturity has grown and you see to your family. Weekends are filled with playing in the sand with your son to watching movies as a family. Church on Sundays and ensuring we are fed and all is paid.

You are one amazing man and I love you so much. Daily I thank God for the wonderful man he gave me.


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