It would seem that blessings go around far greater than one could possibly imagine.

Now please don’t tell me God the Father doesn’t exist because as surely as I breath I know he does. I have been unemployed for almost a year and Hub for just over 6 months. Not once have we gone to bed hungry, cold or in the dark well not due to unpaid electricity bill.

God has provided us with enough daily food to keep us going in that time to even reach out and bless others with it. Daily I am amazed at Gods hand in our lives and feel so blessed to be in Gods favour.

We have managed to provide people with a much needed computer, food, cloths and even a little cash here and there.

Can I out give God apparently not for the more I am willing to bless others the more he pours out on us. Is it because I am special or holy no I doubt that. I really believe the principal is simple God sees what we do with the little we get and so knows he can trust us with more.

My biggest three blessings of late.

1. Our car broke down wouldn’t start and sounded as if it would explode. So we pray and send it in for repairs hoping its nothing major for our bank account was in serious trouble. Well together with the tow and repairs just under a R1 000. Being half of what was sitting in the bank we draw it and pay to get our car back. Relief we could cover it but nervous now the account was seriously looking sad.

I get a facebook message from Frikkie Venter whom I have never met just facebook friends. He had blessed us before and he says to me I was in the shower and God told me to put R1000,00 in your bank account. Not sure what it will cover and what its for but that’s what he told me to do.

Tears and tears flowed so bad I could hardly speak to tell hub as I replied to Frikkie.

2. Son has grown and needs new cloths so I just casually mention it to God that we are needing a few things. Two days later a friend messages me she has cleaned her sons wardrobe would I mind if she passed the things on to my son. An entire winter wardrobe arrived including shoes and a good number of items for his coming summer wardrobe.

3. Bank account I had, thought it was closed and dead due to lack of use and probably I owed it money. Well anyway I go to reactivate it cause I may soon need it and in there is a R1 000. We were down to like R200 till when I have no idea.

We faithfully and consistently tithe on all monies received and maybe this is the return or maybe its because we have open hearts to bless others. Whichever way I am not going to stop blessing others that’s for sure.

To God be the glory Jesus you are faithful when bringing us to the father thank you.


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