helpless mother

Well two years ago my son was frightened due to the fact badies poisoned his dog. This fact still is in his mind sadly.

Then a couple of weeks ago we heard the sirens racing to Jeppe town evictions. That wasn’t bad enough we had to listen to their shouting and gun shots. This unnerved my son so much that he almost hates the sound of a police siren.

So he is dealing with these issues and on Saturday his world is blown apart a little more

He is woken by the sound of me screaming for the neighbor to put on her alarm for us. My hub had heard voices in the yard and we have a dwelling at the back which a gentleman occupies.

He stuck his head out the window and asks if its Pat. Horror of horrors he hears the sound of a gun being cocked. He is so shocked he doesn’t even get his head back in.

A man steps back and points the gun at him which finally wakes him up to get back inside. Thankfully hub was upstairs and not downstairs.

We called the cops but of course the men had fled the scene. My son while trying to be brave is showing signs of stress and I feel for him.

While we are looking at it in a possitive light that God alerted my husband to the attempted break in its still rattled us as a family.

I haven’t slept in two nights my child has wet the bed and my hub wakes every hour to check around every window.

God was so gracious to us while we were scheduled for a 4 hour power outage for load shedding it didn’t happen as I prayed and asked God just not tonight and knowing our vulnerability he let the municipality give us a break.

We are extremely grateful for Gods hand over our lives but its still a little rattling to us.

We are not rich we have an ancient tv two cells a laptop and my cheap camera nothing of any value and definitely no money as we both unemployed.

God is good though in keeping us safe and for this we are truly blessed.


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