RIP brave little angel

Today is such a heart sore day for a wonderful family. their little girl in February 2014 was diagnosed with brain cancer, after 9 weeks of radiation and months of Chemo she was finally declared to be in remission. The only problem remaining was that the shunt put in her brain wasn’t doing its work and had to be replaced. This was done and the family were eagerly awaiting the all clear from the surgeon to say that the disease had lost and the little girl had survived.
Today we had to say goodbye to this wonderful child who was a blessing to everyone who met her and an encouragement to all suffering. I feel the pain of the family because it was definitely a matter of neglect on part of the hospital and was totally unnecessary.
I was blessed to meet this little girl when she was still so sick and I was inspired by her wonderful spirit to live and survive always with a smile on her face. I remember that her blood count was down and she was so tiered and weak and wanted to just lie down but amazingly she managed to smile and even laugh a little. Poplap and I fell in love with her and worried and prayed for her constantly.
Then came the news that she would have to have the brain shunt replaced in order for the fluid to drain from her brain. This was done but sadly it had not worked and so the shunt had to be replaced, so the Friday before Christmas she was admitted to hospital to await the replacement shunt. She was left to lie there without food or drink from Friday afternoon 16h00 to Sunday afternoon 12h00 when finally a theatre became available for her to be operated on.
She was taken to theatre and was released the next morning without observation, the family was only to happy to get home and thought how wonderful Christmas would be having their precious angel home even though they felt very sombre. Little one while vomiting and had a fever but the doctors had given her meds for this and the parents prayed the meds would kick in. Well she made Christmas morning and into boxing day when she woke up with seizures.
Again she was taken to casualty and lay there from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. Despite her mom begging the staff to check her child’s breathing they refused saying they don’t know what is wrong and walking away from her. Finally one of the cancer doctors came in and attended to her and ordered tests. Horror of horrors the two old shunts were still in her brain and the 3rd one wasn’t even in her brain so was basically useless. The swelling on the brain was severe and causing breathing problems.
As the doctor was walking out promising to get her some medical attention she stopped breathing, he rushed back in and they put in a temporary external shunt which was dangerous as infection could set in. They then got her to theatre on the Monday morning and put in a proper shunt which seemed to have been done properly. From not having any doctors available to having the chief neuro surgeon on board with chief anethatiest together with two assistants each due to the fact that she had reported the mishandling to the news room of the local radio station. They discovered that an ulcer had formed due to the previous op and was bleeding and so they began treating her for this. On the Tuesday again little one was battling to breath and mom kept asking doctors for help, finally on Wednesday morning they took her for x-rays and discovered that they had injured her lungs either from the op or having put in a ventilator to get her to breath.
The treatment for this had been to steam her lungs every hour and she went from getting better to getting worse until finally on the Saturday she almost stopped breathing and the doctors after doing tests told the mom that her brain had been so badly damaged the child was unable to cough or swallow. The lungs were also so badly damaged they would have to put her back on the ventilator. This being bad enough the mother was advised that the child would have to share a ventilator as they didn’t have another machine available.
While putting in the drain for the lungs and the ventilator pipe this little angel finally gave in and closed her eyes for the last time never to open them again. Little one we will miss you dearly, you fought your hardest and now we salute you as fly free from your body which was racked with pain. We will meet again little one and this time it will be carefree and full of laughter.
Rick and Mel will always remember you and try and support your mom as much as we possibly can, even though we know she is the only one that can get herself through this terrible loss together with the help of our heavenly Father.


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