How does a parent begin to process the death of their child.

How long before you realise its over the body you have watched over racked in pain and suffering now lies lifeless and cold. When do you decide to pack up their things and leave the hospital. Are you even able to do so? Do the staff make you do it quickly or allow you to linger and take your time to process everything.

So now you are home, do you take the bag out the car or leave it there till later. When you do retrieve it do you unpack it replacing the things gently and carefully or do you leave them packed? You probably going to have to pack up the room sometime.

Do you close the door to block out the hurt or do you face the emptiness and force yourself to deal with the grief, pain and anger.

When do u pack up the things an let the things go. You can never let your child go no matter how long ago they left this world.

I can only empathise with a parent who has lost a child. Thank you Lord for my boy who is healthy.

Lord surround these parents and brothers with your love. Hold them close in their grief and comfort them. Bind up their brokeness and restore their joy once again.

Its a time of such pain.


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