My Christmas wish was fulfilled to the last letter and dot. My son got Christmas despite both hub and I being unemployed.

Frikkie Venter gave him a Christmas to remember and helped our family financially more than he will ever know.

The list was
A dragon (not a remote control one just a dragon)
Some cars
Some guns
Water glasses (goggle) the biggest wish on the list
A tent
A train

He has a broken computer he plays on and christmas eve he goes to it fiddles and comes back and says. “Santa sent me a message, he will bring me some extra toys.

Well all 6 items were under the tree with a load extra. He woke to find a plastic cup with a built in straw in bed with him. This was the start of the excitement. “Mommy look what Santa gave me and I didn’t ask for it” the excitement high in his voice already.

First present was some cars “Mommy I got cars he brought me cars” “dad I dint ask santa for a fireman suite look he brought me one”

When he found a gift he had asked for excitement shone from him and when he got an unexpected he was in awe.

We got to the family and he was totally floored that there were more gifts. He appreciated what he had got and it was more than he expected.

He has crammed time in for every single gift from the tiniest to the biggest and enjoyed it all.

I can only say that God was amazing in crossing my path with people who he used to bless the Sabatini family with. Thank you Father God and Jesus in all of this we never forgot that you were the reason this was all possible.

Thank you Jesus that you left your glory and came to earth as a man to redeem us and set us free. So often we concentrate so much on your death we forget what a sacrifice you made in even your birth.

You were born in lowly circumstances when you were used to heaven you came to a poor family born in a stable. You owned no home to call your own and lived in faith that the Father would provide your needs. You lived a lowly life despised and hated yet you chose to love and forgive man by dying on the cross

Jesus I stand in awe and amazement of you thank you my Lord and Saviour mostly holy God. I may now say Abba Father Daddy God because you made away for me to enter the holy of holies.


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