Christmas follow up

It is with great sadness I write this post together with a heart of gratitude.

My son is healthy and we were blessed abundantly but while we were celebrating a friends child is laying in hospital fighting for her dear life.

She was diagnosed with brain cancer in April of this year and after all chemo and radiation it was suposed to be a happy day of celebration when the “last” tests were done. It was meant to be a day mom daughter dad and brothers could rejoyce and start all over as a healthy family.

All tests came back with good results besides the brain scan which showed fluid on the brain. The family were told only the neurologist could advise on the way forward but he was away and would be back the following Wednesday. For family and friends a like the week dragged by agonising second by agonising second never seeming to be a full hour.

The call was made only to be told phone back in two days time. Another call with advice to phone the next week Wednesday. Didn’t they know when the specialist was to return. Third call made and again told to wait to Friday. Friday had arrived and the call was being transferred doc was in.

Horror of horrors princess had to rush back for yet another operation. She had fluid on her brain as the shunt wasn’t working.

She arrived at hospital for the emergency op at 16h00 the Friday and was told she would have to wait for a theatre. Promise after promise failed. Child had been without food and water for 26hrs already. Mother was beside herself wanting to take her daughter home. Finally 12h30 Sunday afternoon she was fetched and preped for surgery. Monday she was released yay home for Christmas.

What a shock on christmas evening when princess began having convulsions. Parents sped her back to hospital. 10hrs she lay with not one doc looking at her. She had been given a drip and oxygen nothing else.

A scan and xray discovered two old shunts still in her head and the new shunt had been pushed out of the brain. So 3 shunts but non were working.

Mom dad aunt and uncle sit by helplessly watching their princess suffer convulsion after convulsion but no doctor arrives.

Prayer requests are flying around everywhere as people back up this family. I am amazed at how strangers come together to rally in prayer for this family.

Helpless we all stand and watch unable to do anything but pray for the family and little girl.

If you read this please say a prayer for a bright bubbly young girl. Thank you.


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