Loading shedding

Great we will have between 4 to 8 hrs load shedding per day up until Christmas. So now that power keeps going off manufacturers and shops will loose business and what does that mean for the consumer. Yay you guessed right 20 gold stars food price hikes.

Wait wait let’s relook at this. Less power mean electronic gadgets will have less power meaning we will actually have no alternative but to talk to people face to face. Whaaaat now that’s scary hey
You see that dusty shelf in your lounge filled with dusty books, yes books they have covers with pages between them. The pages contain writing or whooo even some pictures. No there is no google in them but they contain some pretty cool stuff.

We get to go back to the dark ages and use something called a candle. Yes the ambiance setters actually had a real purpose once upon a time. Don’t touch the flame hey I said don oh no look now you burnt yourself.

We get to interact with our family more. Yes that scary creature to your left is actually your bro go on smile and say something nice I don’t think he bites anymore.

We get to play board games, yes take out the box. Cough cough splutter dust it off and open the lid. Wow monopoly in a box who would have thought. No there is no button to open the board just lift it out slowly does it and unfold it. Oh for goodness sake shake the dice and throw, ok not quiet so hard.
Now take the dog, no it won’t bite you and move it forward by let’s see 3 on that dice and two on that makes um oh yea five. Oops I forgot share out the money. No not all of it just the right amount 4 R200 notes no um its 2 its oh heck where are the rules. Ok right we have money I said I am the boat if I can’t be the boat I won’t play don’t you know the rule the eldest gets the boat I said I am the boat.

Pieces fly in the air board almost gets torn. Right I am the boat ok so let’s throw the dice again shall we. Yes, yes you have to keep throwing the dice and moving around the board. No there isn’t a finish line. Aha you landed on my property pay up. Oh dear you out of money poor poor you give me one of your properties. No no not the station. I want Eloff street I SAID I WANT ELOFF STREET.

Awe come on I haven’t got musgrave and Smit street yet. I have to own it all its all mine. Grovelling and begging to stop isn’t going to work we play until its finished I SAID FINISHED. Yes I know bed time was 3 hours ago but we have to learn to finish what we started.

Ok so monopoly wasn’t a good choice how about ludo. Yes ludo were I can frustrate you by landing on you over and over again sending you home time and time again. Come on its fun.

How about cards rummy awe come on one more round I have to win at least one round.

Let’s play Charades you know where we act out a word and you have to guess it. Come on what’s wrong with you arms flapping legs kicking making you look like a dying chicken. Was that meant to be plane landing sigh how was I supposed to know that.

Now I remember games going just this way as a child, where often we landed up in tears during a game but I wouldn’t trade it for all the world. Its memories I love and treasure because we interacted and sometimes had fun.
So maybe load shedding is a great idea to get families back into inter acting getting to know one another and good old fashioned rivalry.

Let’s make an effort and share your load shedding strategy cause you going to have to have one trust me gonna be a lot of dark time.


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