Its been a long time since I wrote a blog life has been a little crazy.

At present I am so worried my son won’t have Christmas this year. With hub and I both unemployed and virtually no income we don’t have money to help Santa

Now the only thing my son wants is a tent, goggles, a helicopter and a train and a dragon. Imagine out of all the things he wants but 5 items. I know many kids won’t even get a plate of food for Christmas but I am sad that the magic of Christmas may pass my boy over this year.

He has a bigger dream to have an aeroplane ride to the beach but he knows that will happen when we start working again and so that is on hold for now. He has been so patient for that and maybe has given up on that dream.

My heart breaks not being able to give him what he wants, and soon I know the food will run out and then what do I say to him. I am scared seriously scared but I rely on God and know that somehow he will provide.

God has put us in this situation and I know he will somehow provide for us and see us through. Its gonna be a tough ride but we will get through it.


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