I have had these jello type balls in a bottle for 5 years or so. They start as tiny little hard balls and you add water they grow to about the size of a marble.

They are for decoration or you can actually grow plants in them. Mine was for decoration and I have never let monkey play with them for fear of him eating them.

So today he was a bit cranky due to having an upset tummy yet again. I had to bath him as he had been covered in poo. I decided to cheer him up and let him play with the balls. I opened the bottle and poured them out for him into a plastic tray.

For about twenty minutes he just muddled his fingers through them ad enjoyed the squishy feel. Then suddenly he asked “mom why did you let me play with the balls?”

Over and over he asked in amazement because never before would I allow him to. He was delighted but a little put out because the rule was don’t touch and I had changed the rule all of a sudden. He isn’t comfortable with rule changes and routine changes, he doesn’t handle those things to well.

When he was little and his tiny fingers could fit in the overflow drain on the bath I told him not to put his fingers in their. I said that gogo’s lived in their and would bite his fingers.

Well he jumped out the bath and refused to get back in. I told him finally his dad had taken them out. To this day and its about 3 years later he still wants to know what gogos where in their and how dad got them out. No matter how many times or how I explain there were never any in there to start with.

Sigh I will have to be more careful when telling him things. He can’t deal with change.


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