Well after looking at my past parenting my style of parenting and change of style I am not sure which one to follow.

I loved my dads style of parenting, where you had a few rules:
1. Either be bathed or in the bath by 5pm
2. Home needed to be done before bath time and checked after dinner.
3. Don’t lie, never lie no matter what else the trouble would be sever if caught out.
4. 8pm strict bed time.
5. If you following the above rules life will be good and you can pretty much live your life as you see fit.
6. You have a problem find a way to deal with it I am not your problem solver.

I would love to give monkey that freedom but getting himself to school and back each day is to dangerous so I will see to that.

He can’t go out the gate without supervision till he is 18 are you crazy life is scary. I used to be at my friends house after school till the 5pm deadline. Homework done under my friends mom’s supervision.

I try and let him play freely and keep an eye on him but his choices aren’t yet as wise as mine were. I remember at age 4 playing in the street with my neighbourhood kids. Going to the park down the road and being out till the 5pm curfew.

I can’t ever remember being entertained by an adult. In fact they were indoors where kids were not allowed and we were outside doing what kids do.

In fact looking back at my childhood how I grew up so wise and able to contribute to society boggles my brain. I had no guidance leadership discipline besides the few rules and yet I made it.

If I leave my monkey to his own devices chaos reigns. I seemed to be a good girl who obeyed rules. The most serious trouble I can remember was taking a bunch of keys to play with and loosing them.

Oh and getting a hiding for screaming and who caused that non other than my bro.

Ha ha ha ha ok I got a hiding from my dad and weed on his hand I got such a fright. I can’t remember the offence just know it was the last hiding as well due to that.

I did know how to hide mischief though. I bunked school all of once and managed to keep it from my dad and bro and teachers. Even from my friends mom who on that day for some reason decided to fetch us from school.

We concocted a story to their mom and she believed it.

Sigh why can’t my monkey be more like me.


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