clean house verses happy child

Well I wrote a post awhile back on my lazy self about how I had a domestic helper as here in South Africa they tend to be affordable. Um no let’s rephrase that exploitable and I am ashamed to say I took advantage.

However the circle is that should I not employ the lady she can’t feed her child and they did live in with me receiving three meals a day.

We however had to let our wonderful worker who became a dear friend to me and a second mother to monkey go. I am no longer employed and so we have had to tighten up.

That leaves me with a sad state of affairs because I now get to clean up after my family and myself. Oh my word we have been a messy lot of pigs how disgusted I feel that someone else had to contend with us.

However that is not the point of my blog although it should be a groveling apology to that wonderful lady who ate our dirt for so long.

My son now still litters an item for every step he takes for as far as he trails through the house. Um yip I still haven’t learnt to put it away instead of leaving it lying around. As for cleaning as I cook whaaaaaat is that how its done? I am a messy cook whose skills in actually cooking is getting better by the day.

So once a meal is done the kitchen is as if a bomb had exploded and let rubble lying there. This takes me time to fix and I get annoyed I was so messy.

Now back to the point of my blog. My monkey stays home wanting me to play with him and not clean. He for the life of him can’t understand why I would want to tidy up a mess and clean the house. I mean he loves as much litter to clutter the floor as possible.

So I leave the clutter for he is surely going to just litter the floor within minutes and we have a great time playing. He has promised to help me clean up, huh that’s a joke he has no idea what clean up is.

His domestic helper/nanny always did it for him and he has no concept of the fact that she has now left and isn’t coming back.

I try hard to clean my house and keep it clean, clutter is one thing but dirt should be gone. So on the days he goes to school I work extra hard to catch up on the days I let the housework slip.

I am a mom who loves my child and he is more important than ridding the house of lived in clutter.

New rules in my house for those of you intending to visit. The dustbunny exterminator’s services have been terminated due to lack of funds. Should the dustbunnies offend yo in anyway please feel free to leave or find the terminator rag under the sink and terminate them for me. Thanking u in advance for your love and suport in keeping these dustbunnies under control. I will try my best to help but when my monkey wants his mom I want to be there for him.

Sigh ok ok you caught me out it is an excuse not to do the house work but you gotta love me for trying


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