is it a ploy?!!!!!!

Now in my family there are many adults that have no concept of consequences for their actions. When consequences hit they are bewildered and can not for the life of them understand why this is happening to them.

My mom is a prime example, she yells screams lashes out in anger and when you withdraw, but what’s wrong with you why are you ignoring me?

Now my son displays such behaviour.
The other night he was rude to me and then wanted a baboo (piggy back ride) to the loo. When I said no you were rude to me he was devastated that I would not do as he wished.

If I threaten to take away his toys because he is being naughty he says “why do you want to do that” with wide eyed innocence. Why would I instill punishment for bad behaviour, yet he gets it when I reward good behaviour.

Does he really not get the bad behaviour part and think I am an ogres or is a ploy to get me to give in.

I was then reminded by a fellow facebook user that should I allow him to have his way he will follow an undesirable path and maybe find ogres far worse than me.

Sometimes he doesn’t get the good behaviour reward either when I spring it on him. Like “hey let’s go to the park today you were such a good boy all week.” “Why mom”.

Is he just to little to get the concept of reaping what you sow or is he crafty enough to realise hey let me pretend I have no clue how this works and she will give in.

I don’t give in by the way I do follow through with promises, so its not lack of trying on my side.

Sigh I will figure it out one day if its a reality and needs dealing with or if its trying to sucker ogres mom yet again lol.


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