a little indulgence

So I kept him home from school on Friday and took him to the zoo. On Thursday morning when he woke I told him Friday was going to be a big surprise day.

Friday morning finally arrived I asked him if he could go anywhere where would he like to go. He looked at me hesitating to ask. Could he or should he dare ask to go to the zoo. I encouraged him and so he shyly said the zoo. Yay today your wish is real to the zoo we will go.

At the zoo I indulged his every wish we worked it at his pace and went where he desired. I had such fun indulging him and to be honest he never asked for much beside my time and attention.

Back from the zoo I kept on indulging him with my time and attention. Climbing into bed he wanted a movie and five minutes in he was fast asleep.

Saturday dad took over and played with him all day and the word no wasn’t used. Ok so he ate a few sweets to many drank to much fizzy but hey its a rare occasion and he was being so good. Giving us loads of hugs and kisses now that was paying off big time.

Sunday rolled round with a rush to get to church as we had to be early and would leave later than normal. After church I ministered and dad baby sat the kids.

We both played with him in his room and had fun. I then needed to go to the shops I struggle to buckle monkey in and so when we got to the shops I told monkey to stay with dad.

I got in and there was a little trolley no big ones and monkey so loves to push the baby trolley. I asked hub to send him to me and pretended that monkey was doing me a great favour by coming to push the trolley. His little face was glowing with pleasure and at the end he reminded me that without him I wouldn’t have managed.

Upon arriving home he asked me to make play dough, I had just bought cream of tartar to make it. I was being lazy and the kitchen was already a mess. I promised to make it on Tuesday, but his little face fell and he looked so sad.

Oh what the heck I made the dough while making supper and my champs face lit up as he helped me. We played a little and suddenly he was so tiered and tum was sore. We came to bed and I asked my hub if monkey could sleep in wow bed. The joy on his face that he could, that just lit my heart.

Sigh so the dishes didn’t get done and the bath didn’t get washed but I have a happy monkey and a content mom knowing I spent the time with my son.
Love you monkey and buggi bear you both rock my world


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