This post might be a little jumbled and have lots of elements to it.

Monkey has developed in terms of speech. Suddenly his understanding of things and retelling of stories is wonderful to listen to. He can add feelings and descriptions of small details.

He can do so much more for himself to and is sadly becoming more self concious. That part worries me a little but luckily he is able to laugh at himself. His laughter of late rings out far more than before.

I have been at home not working and have had the honour of being a stay at home mom. I have kept monkey at home a few days a week. What a joy its been. We have had a chance to really bond.

The days I send him to school I miss him like crazy. I love his chatter and yes even the why is he driving past wow house.

Sadly I have had to introduce him to the big bad world of badies and people dying. We have lost pets but never a family member till this week. It was my cousin who he didn’t really know but still its rattled him a little.

We also had our garden tools stolen and he wants to know why people take other peoples stuff. Shew and that why goes on and on as he tries to wrap his head round that one.

I feel sad that some of his innocence is gone but proud that I haven’t lied to him. Life happens and he needs to learn how to cope with things. My hub doesn’t quiet agree though.

Sigh hope his innocence doesn’t get shattered altogether to soon.


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