oh me oh my at 4 he can

Ok so a few days ago I posted all the things he couldn’t do and oh me oh my suddenly he can.

Not only did he feed himself last night but he fed his 3 year old friend. Surprise surprise a lot of food actually made it to his buds mouth. Yes there was a shower of food all over the floor table chair his buddy but some food got to the right place.

He got up this morning and made his bed. Well that was a gob smacker of note he won’t normally even pick up a blanket. Picture above is not picture perfect but hey it was his first un taught attempt.

Then he got out the bath this morning without me getting out dried and dressed himself. Who on earth is this child can mine be returned please.

He has discovered he likes to get a piggy back ride like a baby tied to his moms back. He progresses in one area and regress’ in another.

I love my boys little boy stage but all of a sudden he has found his mojo to do things for himself and I am not about to stop him.

He has always done things when he is ready and not a minute before. He raged about going to potty then one morning went and that was that he was potty trained.

So now we are on the next big steps. Sigh what will I do I can’t have another baby and my boy is growing up.


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