4 and still he doesn’t……

Horror of horrors my son is now all of four years old and I still feed him. He is quiet capable of feeding himself however when at home he wants mom or dad to feed him.

When my mom in law is around she always says I never had to feed one of my kids. Having to and wanting to I suppose are two different things. I don’t have to feed my son but we choose to.

One he then at least gets some food into his tummy. Two he is only going to want us to feed him for so long and then that will fade away and three being an only child we have a little more time to indulge him.

He doesn’t dress or undress himself and shows no interest in choosing what to wear. Clothes are of little significance if any to him. In the morning he lies like a king on the bed as I dress him.

He can dress himself as he has done so on occasion proved he can do it and so is so over that so there he chooses to let me do it.

One I need to layer him in this cold winter weather and he would probably dress in the wrong order wearing his undies over his pants. Ok not quiet that bad I suppose.

Two and three are the same as the reason for feeding him.

He doesn’t brush his teeth yay for that one. While he ensures his teeth are brushed daily, yes a child who wants to brush his teeth he has little patience to do this himself and puts the brush and out and its done.

I brush his teeth ensuring they are scrubbed if not polished and ensure his tongue is done.

He does not colour very neatly. Yes he colours in the lines, oh ok within the lines of the picture but um what a mess.

He doesn’t draw many recognisable objects and is probably gonna be an abstract artist. Despite there being artistic skill from my side and dads side of the family this gene hasn’t yet struck home.

He doesn’t know the words to many songs neither from nursery to grown up music. The few he does know how ever he holds a tune. That in itself is amazing. Hello I loooove to sing but oh me oh my no tune to it at all. I am tone deaf to myself but hit an off key and I will hear it. His uncle and grandfather where the musicians and singers so whoop whoop for that.

He chooses to make up his own songs and tunes.

We are at the moment on a good score though suddenly he wants to taste every type of food coming out of the pots. To my surprise the two strongest veggies cabbage and spinach he likes. Broccoli he is getting to like but let’s do it a step at a time.

He doesn’t sleep in his own room. The bed next to my bed is fine with me now. I get to keep an eye on him and in this cold manage to keep him covered.

He is growing up with good manners cautious attitude but once he loves you he loves with no bars held. Don’t break that trust though cause you are going to have to work to get it back. Except with his dad and I oh ok you messed up let’s move on mom. Shew thank goodness for that.

So name me shame me mock me, I am not raising a baby or a spoilt brat. I am raising a young boy who can’t have everything his eye sees. However he gets all the attention and love he needs. And if that requirement is to be fed, dressed, bathed, teeth brushed then bring it on.

Sigh mom let’s stop judging and rather encourage one another.


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