Shiny domes

Dear Mattel

While we commend your wonderful gesture of producing a Bald Barbie at great cost to yourself and then distributing them without charging a cent.

However we would like to bring the following to your attention:

1. Your guilt is appeased you have advised those seeking a doll representing a shiny domed princess that you have indeed honoured their wish and provided such a doll.

Oh where oh where would we be able to purchase such a doll. “Well we distribute them quickly and efficiently to the childrens hospital and how they distribute them is their responsibility.”
Well thank you for that useless bit of information I live in South Africa and they definitely don’t arrive here. Oh but goldilocks Barbies are all over in your face.

You see they are beautiful they fit in with your image making children feel good about themselves wanting to buy them and maybe even aspire to be one. Including my beautiful princesses without any hair.

2. Not only do cancer patients have a shiny dome, but surprise lots of other kids too. And some will never recover their hair unlike cancer patients when their Chemo is complete. Alopecia being but one of the diseases.

3. So say my princess had been lucky enough to obtain her shiny domed Ella and she is overjoyed at having a special doll. Her friend not knowing about Ella walks in with Goldilocks and asks “oh my goodness we can’t play you can’t even do your Barbies hair”. Yes kids are cruel without meaning to be. So mom steps in explains shiny dome and after embarrassed gasps play begins. However the shock and horror on her friends face has ruined her doll.

Now if the doll was out there on the shelves together with Goldilocks she would know about shiny dome and could even choose to support her friend and get her own shiny dome doll. Oh I forgot she isn’t part of your image.

3. Its not only about Barbie its about the fact my boy loves to cook just like his dad. But people are horrified to find pink tea sets in our house. Not sure if colour ones would be better actually but its because the packaging stereo types toys. Pretty girls cooking, how about chefs most are men.

Blocks are all about building forts cars aeroplanes. Um girls would love to build a fairy castle. Cars are packaged for boys. Hello girls love them to they own cars just as soon as they start working.

Oh there are probably a million other reasons I should be writing about but I am sure you get my meaning.

Let’s stop hiding cancer and other disease away that we would rather not deal with. How about we start becoming a people reaching out to others saying hey its ok that you are different let’s hold hands and find our way together.

How about stopping gender marketing and market to kids.

How about taking a stand and saying hey this year we producing Shiny domes only because we are a company that wants to create equality in all people. Leave the goldilocks for another year where she can flick her hair and strut her stuff.

In all honesty if I had the money I would place an order of so many shiny domes with you, you wouldn’t have time to produce goldilocks.

A consumer who is fed up with being dictated to as what she should and should not be purchasing.


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