all birthdayed out

Monkey wanted a pirate party as he was turning four it was fair to let him choose the theme

The decor was easy made sales a helm anchor and some swords.

The cake was a master piece of a pirate ship created by my hub. Took him hours and he loved doing it uh um I think.

After a mammoth task of decorating and arranging we had it together and the party took off.

Kids ran in and out up and down. Folks climbed the mountain to get to the top of our property. Ok its not really a mountain but there is a good climb up.

All were exhausted after the party mom and dad included. I was bathing monkey and suddenly he says “thanks for my nice party mom.”

Well if that wasn’t worth it then I don’t know.

He got some birthday money and I told him we can go to the shop and buy buy anything he wants. He has never had this before. But why he asks. “I got my police truck I wanted.” But that was a cheap pocket money toy.

I gave up trying to explain he can have a birthday toy because in his mind he already got birthday toys.

Sigh I love him I seriously do he is one amazing un assuming child grateful for all he gets.

I will however take him to the shop because he has never been set free in a toy shop before and not likey to be for a long time again.


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