mom oh yeah

I have to admit I am a spoilt brat. My hubby cooks most the time in fact all of the time.

I had a few days off and my boy stayed home with me. Our helper was off and so I had the full responsibility of cleaning house and looking after my monkey.

When I finally got the dishes under control on the last day of my leave and cooked a lovely meal for my family while listening to my guys play I felt fulfilled.

I hate house work and would rather work a twelve hour shift at work than actually wash a dish. Agreed I am lazy no use denying it. However suddenly I found I loved looking after my guys and felt good. My house is clean and tidy as we prepare for back to work and school.

I even got my laundry basket under control. Well to most moms that’s probably the norm but for me its no easy task.

In South Africa we mostly have a lady helper who is basically the housekeeper and ensures washing and cleaning is under control. Without this wonderful lady life for me would mean very little time with monkey.

But staying at home without my darling helper I managed and I feel good. The house looks good for today, what it will look like by Sunday is any ones guess but I think I will manage to keep it under control.

Think I wouldn’t mind being a stay at home mom after all. Well for today that is lol I will go crazy without going to the office.

The other thing is I don’t drive yet but I got my learners my hub fixed our car and I will start driving soon. Whoop whoop life is good for today.

Sigh tomorrow may be a whole new ball game.


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