wits end heeeeelp

For the last bout 2 weeks if not longer I have a whinning crying clinging child. Its getting worse by the day.

I have done the go to the passage till u finished crying.

I have done the comfort thing

I have done the ignoring and playing only when the tears dry.

Star chart doesn’t work any more.
The whine ranges from why didn’t you buy me my own chipies to why did u cut my sarmie like that and not like this to whinning cause our helpers son touched him.

The smallest bump creates enormous tears and screaming.

Sigh please tell me this is a phase and it will to pass.


4 responses to “wits end heeeeelp

  1. It a case of any attention is better than no attention. I found that no communication and removing the source of what his is whining about will soon teach him that he is not going to get any attention for his behavior. Eg if he cries about a sandwich then take it away put in in a corner for three minutes then let him come out once the time is up. Let him say sorry for his outburst and ask him if he want the sandwich. He will soon learn. Love Noles x


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