….. and then i wanted to….

We had spent hours in a shop and my monkey had been extremely well behaved but was getting tiered and it was time to leave.

I had bought myself and item and hubby and nothing for monkey we went to look for something and found a small item in my affordability range.

In the car on the way to yet another shop “So” says big monkey, “am I the only one getting a toy.” Without skipping a beat my little monkey says “I already got my toy” pointing to his sunglasses

Well heart melting with pride and tears because I couldn’t afford to give him a R100 to buy a bigger toy. But the sunglasses were enough for him and my heart swelled with pride.

Upon getting to the toy shop I let him pick out two small priced items and he chose ones he could share with his cousins.

So the toys were not big nor expensive a pack of 3 gliders and a pack of capsules that grow into dinasnows (dinosaurs) but something to share.

My heart swelled with pride as he glided around the shop saying “mom I love this please can you buy it for my birthday.” No tantrum to have it now jumping up and down screaming and demanding. A please and obviously a time frame.

That is when if I had enough money I would’ve bought him each and every toy within the toy shop.

Yes I am bragging because I am extremely proud of my son at times.

However when it comes to juice he will not compromise he enters a shop and grabs a juice without asking because its in my affordabilitiesh range. So moral of the story is if I can’t afford a juice don’t take him to the shop.

Its his gratitude though that makes me wish I could spoil him more. But then would I have an appreciative son with an attitude of gratitude. Sigh such fine line


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