blue cause i blew

monkey is sobbing because its ned time and for the “what seems like the 50th time” has left his bunny in the car.

I had warned him in the morning not to take bunny to the car cause it means fetching her.

So my monkey is sobbing and dad gets dressed finds shoes trudges down stairs out down more stairs to the garage to retrieve the bunny.

So instead of comforting my monkey I am moaning at him and the sobbing increases. My heart is breaking but on and on and on I go. Eventually he tells me to leave him alone and I see red.

I tell him never ever to tell me that or else I will slap him in the mouth. Again he says it and I lift my hand in warning. Lucky striking out in anger is not my style and so its a warning only. The sobs get louder and he hides under the blanket.

Dad brings bunny in and tears stop and we go to the toilet get water and get into bed. All is forgiven and forgotten hugs and kisses are given and so another battle ends in peace.

Only afterwards I think about it and realise how my mother did the same to me as I sobbed. None of her yelling while I was in such a state got through to me and all I thought was she is a mean ogres.

Sigh now if only I can remember that the next time round and wait until he is calm to talk about it. Sigh oh woe is me.


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