pretty amazed

Little monkey was playing hair cut shop with me and Dad suddenly asked if he would like to cut his hair for real.

Monkey loves real and there was no need to ask a second time. Hub is a ninny and moans about having his hair shaved with the hair shaver saying they pull his hair. Here he was offering to let monkey do it. A three year old of all people.

I was prepared for yelling and yelping and moaning. Well Monkey started and was doing a great job no pulling or jabbing hubs head besides maybe twice. He did a great job to and afterwards he sat down and demanded dad do his hair.

I tried to persuade dad to do a number four but monkey wasn’t having any of that. It had to all go and so off it went.

Last night he felt his head and promptly announced “mom I have a beard on my head”.

Sigh I wish it was hair.


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