rules r made

Finally I have an upper hand on an issue or two at home.  Is a belt? um noooo that certainly makes him more stubborn.  Is it yelling a little louder? Heck I wish this was it.  Is it the naughty boy corner yeah right that works only if I stand over him pushing him back in.  Is it the threat of no movies? Ha ha ha ha he will just find something else to do.  Is the marvellous coveting of the iphone?  No that works on rare occasions.
Rules, my son has an obsession to follow the rules well at the moment he does at least.  How did I come across this quiet by accident actually.  “Right the new rule in the house is we sit at the table at meal times.  You don’t have to eat but you certainly have to sit at the table.” Without argument and performance he comes to the table at meal times.  Not because he is hungry and wants to eat, no its a simple thing called a rule. 
So now we are adding rules to our home.  You are nagging me after I said no that means time out in the passage is needed according to the no nagging rule.  You are throwing a temper tantrum well according to the no temper tantrum rule you have to go to the passage for time out.  Oh you won’t come inside out of the cold well the rule is I give you five minutes and then I lock the door and leave you outside if you won’t come in.  Oh you are jumping on my furniture in the lounge well the rule is if you can’t behave in the lounge then you are not allowed to be in the lounge please leave.
Oh this rule obsession I absolutely love but I am careful enough not to over kill it with negative things.  There has to be positive as well like oh you asked to be chased well the rule then is that I have to stop what I am doing and play a game of chase.  You listened on the first request well then the rule is you are allowed an extra alarm snooze before you have to go to sleep.  Oh you got up without moaning and performing the rule is you get an extra sweet in your lunch box.  You are being so cute the rule then is that I give you extra cuddles (wha ha ha ha) whether wanted or not.  Oh you have really been a good boy this week and so the rule is that we have to go to the park for an hour on Sunday after church.
Sigh what will I do when he discovers rules are made to be broken


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