with ease

Well little monkey has now begun a new skill swimming while I am so proud of him I am half frightened to death watching him.  I need to remind myself to breath else I would pass out and topple over into the pool. 
On Saturday morning he was petrified of the pool and would hardly stand in the shallow end of my cousins pool let alone dive under.  He clung to my hand even though his head was way above the water and wouldn’t let go for anything in the world.  For the full two hours we were there he clung to my hand hardly moving in the pool.  This caused mixed feelings of course, what happened why is he so nervous now again after having had so much confidence only two weeks ago.  Well if I thought those emotions were mixed I certainly wasn’t ready for the afternoon excursion.
We went to my bro sis and bro in law and within a half hour my child was belly flopping into the pool and flailing about but managing to get to the end of the pool without assistance or standing up.  Now while that was rather nerve wrecking it was in the shallow end where he was able to stand.
Along comes bro in law the swimming instructor and he encourages my monkey to jump into the deep end, my sis in law was at hand to help but monkey says no leave me.  Gets near to the other side and takes a dive down deeper into the water, I was just about to jump in and my bro in law says leave him he is fine.  Coughing and spluttering he finally surfaced and I realised I was also gasping and spluttering on his behalf. 
So yet another skill my dear monkey just slipped into, no matter how much encouragement you offer and bribery if he doesn’t want to do it he won’t and then without really trying he just gets up and does what you have been nagging him to do for hours. Without instruction or assistance he falls into it and just gets along and does it without even much effort.
While I am very amazed and chuffed with this what will happen when he hits a challenge and he can’t glide into it or learn the skill from observing.  I know he has the determination as he sometimes does show initiative and keep trying till he gets it right but that’s not always the case.  Often he will leave it and try again another time, he has not learnt the skill of following patterns or instructions.
Sigh a little independent monkey certainly makes life difficult for mom while life just happens for him.



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