threat or reality

The little monkey is getting bigger and thinking for himself far too often now.  I don’t think that this is entirely a good thing.  Before an idle threat could whip him into shape so easily and now, oh woe is me for he thinks about it and immediately has an answer for why it won’t work.  Like “well that’s it I am cancelling Christmas I am going to block the chimney and not allow Father Christmas in”  Without skipping a beat “mom what will you block the chimney with?” he asks with a smirk bordering on genuine interest as to how I will accomplish this.  I try to ignore the question but it continuous with his curiosity growing with almost added excitement that here is a project he can help mom with.  Sigh a useless idle threat which I had to abandon.

“If you don’t help me pick up the toys, I will put them in the cupboard for a week.”  “That’s ok mommy I can reach them and will get the when I want them.” He promptly replies with an air of superiority as he managed to call my bluff.   He is sooo right he definitely can reach them as the top shelf is pretty low and he can climb up.  I suppose I could put it on top of the wardrobe but he knows its far more effort than it’s worth.  I did however make an effort and put them in the cupboard and then tied it up so that he couldn’t open the cupboard but again it wasn’t worth the bother of opening the cupboard each time and so that was quickly abandoned and toys returned.
The threat of Father Christmas watching him and knowing whether he has been good or bad came to an abrupt halt on Christmas morning, because of course the Father of Christmas had left a mound of toys under the tree and therefore there was no longer a need to be good.
For now the only two threats that work are no Iphone and time out in the naughty boy corner.  Remembering to emphasise Naughty BOY corner for we would not want him to be under the impression the corner was naughty so he had to stand in it.  Having discovered that I can find a naughty BOY corner even in a shopping centre this actually is working pretty well for me at the moment.
I however have to make a follow through on every threat to do this and make an concerted effort to ensure that these two threats don’t become idle but actual realities.  Sigh its a lot of work getting a small monkey to realise some things are not a threat but a reality.


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