lesson of the shopping outing

We broke open the piggy bank and my son had some serious money in there for the small amount of time he had had the piggy bank.

He always took great delight in putting money in his money box. Mine or his it didn’t matter and in the end it paid off.

So during the holiday season he was a little more spoilt than usual in that he could pretty much have what he wanted with regards to sweets and ice creams and even occasional toys thrown in. Big mistake I had forgotten to explain that this was from his savings and that he had worked hard to save his money in order to have more to spend at a later stage. Well as all good things do they come to an end and his money had dried up.

No generally my son is great in that we allow him a juice in the shop with one other item. If he gets greedy he has to choose this or that. Well today we let him have his juice which he opened and a sucker from the string of suckers he had chosen. He than wanted two different flavours of porridge which at this time in January is a bit of a luxury for us. Then he wanted a mango and grapes which I am thrilled about.

He suddenly saw a toy he wanted and asked for it. “No monkey we don’t have money now.” Dad promised it to him at month end. I chipped in that he could buy it with his pocket money. Looking at his dad as if I was totally mental he says “dad I don’t have pockets and my pockets don’t have money so I don’t have pocket money.”

Yeah I was ripped but even with the logic the answer was no and he seemed fine. We got to the till and he demanded a chocolate, now he had already had his one other thing the suckers so screaming and performing I got the chocolate out of his grip. He was nagging and nagging and so I said “ask once more and you will go to the naughty boy corner”. Smarty pants says were is it. So looking around I found a quiet spot and pointed. That was the end of the story. He hates naughty boy corner more than anything.

Moral of the story with my boy he is allowed to pack lots in trolley but not to eat or open a thing till we are cashing up then he can choose his items wisely without a fuss instead of being forced o stick with his first choice.

Never knew one shopping trip could teach me so much in one go.


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