freedom of forgiving

“Dad I am so hungry, the children robbed my lunch today”. Yes you guesed it my 3yr old monkey was robbed today. 

The teacher tried to tell him that his mom forgot to pack his lunch but his faith in his mom was so great he knew that wasn’t possible. Whoo hoo thank you monkey. 
I phoned the school today to see if they at least found his lunch box. The principal was wondering how come monkey’s empty lunch box was in the fridge. 
Anyway this morning we were packing a new lunch and I used a plastic bag when I left the kitchen for a few minutes he quickly scrounged a lunch box and put his sandwich in there together with sweets. 
“You packing a nice lunch box for your buddy to steal.” Without skipping a beat “Yes mom he must eat nice”. So my boy was more worried that if the child stole his lunch he should enjoy it rather than the fact he was robbed. 
“Would you like a yoghurt monkey”. “Yes please mom at least then I will have a yoghurt if they rob me.”
I was flawed once again oh well if they rob me at least I will have a yoghurt. Now that to me is to precious you go monkey. 
He forgives and forgets so easily just as I do. Well in most cases just one big grudge I am learning to let go of and in that I am finding freedom. 

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