monkey see monkey play

A colleague once said a child is like a thief. Their eyes steal everything as they gather information to use at a later stage.

I believe this to be true, they may not understand everything you say but they definitely can mimic our actions.

We had a breakdown and the towing service had to collect us and tow us home. Monkey mimicked every part of the journey from trying to get the car started to when the tow truck driver left us at our home.

Oh what excitement he had when the tow truck arrived, actually a flatbed truck. His eyes gleamed shone sparkled and he was so quiet observing everything. Bending down to see under the car watching it being towed onto the truck.

Then we went towards the truck to get in he went quiet walked slower and held back but got in. As we were driving finally he said “I am not scared anymore”. Oh man here I thought he would be so excited yet he had been afraid it was something new undiscovered.

He loves cars, trucks and tractors is his ultimate love. But he is so petrified of a tractor he can run a mile when one starts up.

I was so in awe of his game yesterday after we got home. Towing car after car not getting bored of the same game in different ways. Either towing his own small cars or his bike broke down and dad must come tow him.

It was really a treat to watch and while he had no clue why the car broke down after trying to explain it he had grasped every other aspect of the journey why because its what he had seen.

Sigh mommy monkey u gotta learn to be careful around this little sponge.


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