should i feel so good?

Its a Saturday afternoon all is quiet in the house and hub and I are having a rare afternoon bonding session.

Monkey has gone to his cookaloo and has decided he is going to sleep over. His cookaloos mother is his obsession he talks about her non stop. The creche here her name constantly. She is every childs addiction the one every child clings to even above their own mother.

If a choice needs to be made of whether they want to be with their mom or aunty cookaloo she wins hands down.

Cuddling and getting cozy just after an early evening dinner my phone rings. Its aunty cookaloo. Monkey is crying and wants to come home. They were about to bath and he said “no no my mommy will bath me.”.

So quickly finishing our cuddling we race off to go fetch him to bring him home. He gets into the car with relief leaving cookaloo to cry as she is loosing her playmate

I know he still adores his aunty but its with a little bit of pride I can say she has not claimed my child he is still his mom’s boy. That alone is an amazing feat as many mothers have lost their kids adoration and loyalty to aunty cookaloo.

Mm I know I am mom and non can replace me but she creates in all moms and insecurity that they not doing it right but seems I am. Is my pride valid oh hell yes sorry aunty cookaloo.


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