i cant drive

Today my perfect plan of getting my boy and myself sorted in the morning fell apart.

You see I rely on my sister in law to pick us up and drop him at school and get me to work a half hour before she needs to be at work.

Well that isn’t working out and I am putting a lot of strain on her. In South Africa the public transport system is poor and unreliable and so in order to get to work and back one needs their own transport.

Well I have a vehicle I just can’t drive it well not legally anyway as I don’t have a licence. I have been a burden to my hub and family for to long now and need to get my licence.

I have booked for my learners but that will only happen next year then I need to get my drivers. Shew I feel like such a bad mom not being able to see to my son and get him to school.

I know I know I am working on getting it sorted but still its going to be a while before I can fix this one.

Sigh why couldn’t I just have done it in my younger years like everyone else.


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