teacher hope you are proud

Dear Teacher

I would like to start off by thanking you for utterly ruining a little child’s birthday I hope you are proud of yourself.

My god child was turning 7 she was so excited counting down her sleeps till her 7th birthday with excitement. However when it started to get closer she got quiet and nervous.

“Mom I have to have cup cakes for school otherwise they won’t sing happy birthday”. Her mom began to stress you see for she is a single mom who uses most of the money she earns to pay rent and send her kids to school. After that there is little or no money left. Luxuries of cake and presents is the last thing on the list.

This mom loves her kids and has to find ways to make her kids feel special other than just buying them the latest toys and stuffing them with sweets. She works hard to do this as she is away from home 12hrs a day earning a salary for her kids. She is stressed exhausted and battles to concentrate let alone have energy for her young ones.

So back to how you ruined my god child’s day. My god child woke up excited for she had a batch of cup cakes to take to school for her friends. Today they would sing to her give her a crown and she would be princess for the day. Last year she stayed at home to avoid being embarrassed because she didn’t have cup cakes.

She woke up to no present but the assurance she would have cup cakes and so she was so excited. Can you imagine putting so much value on cup cakes and not even giving much thought to a present just to be recognised as a princess for the day.

Her cup cakes arrived and she danced around so excited the pretty butterfly cup cakes were pretty and today was the day she would get the attention she craved. Today she would be princess and everyone would love her.
She arrived at school with her beautiful cup cakes so proud battling to carry the boxes in er tiny arms but she managed to get them to class without dropping them. Today was a very special day today she was going to princess.

Horror of horrors dear teacher hadn’t bothered to make her a crown. The devastation and horror my god child felt I can only imagine her pain at realising her teacher thought so low of her that she didn’t bother making her a crown.

Yes teacher you did recover and quickly made her a pink crown with a bit of glitter thrown in and it was a consolation prize. She had to be happy with that what else could she do. So heart broken she brought her pink crown home and cried for she had not got the gold prized crown but still she made the most of it it was after all a crown.

While I understand that perhaps you want to protect a child from being embarrassed because they don’t have cake t doesn’t work like that.

Instead they get the feeling that if they can’t give something they can’t be loved. This reinforces the way a lot of parents now behave that instead of giving kids the needed attention they buy them stuff to prove their love.

Is it not rather better to give the children who can’t afford to bring things more attention and find away to make them feel even more special than ever not knowing what their home circumstances may be.

Do you know that this particular young child has never had a birthday party because her mom just can’t afford it.

So once again thank you teacher for reinforcing the fact that if you have nothing to give you are not worth being loved.


One response to “teacher hope you are proud

  1. Oh I’m horrified at this story, wow, why doesn’t every child get treated the same, its their birthday, weather they have a cake or not why can’t this teacher give every child that comes through her door a crown. Its a small price to pay. The world is so self-centred and so possession orientated that so many people loose out on the simple things. Its easy to make a card and let every child write there name in it. It’s really not rocket science. Every life is precious, rich, poor, black, white.!


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