ogress mommy

For a few days now I have arrived at work late. I hate being late and its no fault of mine or my monkey’s its the person I get a lift with.

“We don’t have time to finish the cereal baby”. Hysterical crying pursues about the cereal he didn’t really want until baby monkey wanted it. I drag him from the house threatening to leave him at home if he doesn’t hurry up.

My lift has arrived and for once just once I am excited I may just screech into work on time. Getting to the gate there are tears cause he never opened the gate. Tears because he wants his bag on his back.

By this time my thoughts of screeching into work at any time has almost flown out of the window down the drain into the very pits of hell.

Finally dragging a monkey clinging to my leg we get to the car but he refuses to get in. Bending down I yell in his face get in. Then I pick him up and plonk him in the car.

Now had I just taken the time to explain he couldn’t finish his cereal and the reason why we couldve got out the door sooner. If I had picked him up and carried him to the gate hysteria wouldn’t be rampant because he thinks my threat of leaving him behind is genuine.

Just having stopped a moment to put his bag on his shoulders instead of screaming at him to go get in the car would’ve probably deleted at least two minutes from the rush.

In the car he finally puts his bag on and calms down, getting out the car I have calmed down realised what an idiot I am choosing being early over giving my son the 5 minutes he needed to be ready for the day.

I apologise and am forgiven because my monkey just never stays angry. Thank you monkey for being the bigger person.

I realised that since he started school we are always rushing. Rushing to finish bath time so that he can have play time before bed time. Then rushing play so we can read and settle him in time.

Then rushing him in the morning to get dressed for school because I let him sleep till he wakes up. Then rushing him to the car and then into school. Life must seem like a big rush to him always hurry up.

What about taking 5 minutes just to love him like my moment in time the other morning.

Sorry my monkey I will really try not make life so rushed and try take it a moment at a time.

Sigh if only I could remember that


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