bunny oh bunny

Cough cough cough and throw up all over the bed monkey and horror of horrors on his constant companion his confidence booster and sleeping partner.

Bunny is bunny worn torn and falling apart but she has been his best friend since he was nine months old. He would grab an ear an schlep her along where ever he went within the confines of the house.

Sleep could never be reached without her ear to play with. Once it took us ten minutes to find her and twenty minutes to calm his hysteria before we could get some sleep.

He goes out and comes home and tells her about his day. Bunny has never ever been aloud to leave the house let alone the yard.

She has had two excursions and both have been to the doc when monkey has been really ill. Our doc is wonderful as she first checks out bunny and then my monkey. Making him confident she isn’t about to hurt him.

Now that he needs her most she is covered in puke and so while being sick he has had to fall asleep without his beloved bunny. Finally the little eyes can’t keep open anymore and off to sleep he goes.

My heart broke for him, he has another bunny but he isn’t as wonderful or as loved as bunny. He is blue short and fat. Bunny is brown, long and skinny with long floppy ears which he twirls to fall asleep.

I have searched hi and low to find another just like bunny but she seems to be one of a kind. Sigh I have washed her but she needs time to dry.
Oh where or where could we find another in case of emergencies like when bunny needs a bath or seems to be hiding somewhere impossible.


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