sigh I feel good

Tonight as I settle down to sleep I am a happy and fulfilled mom.

Waking up at 6 am this morning, I wondered what on earth I was going to do to keep my son busy until bed time. We were not scheduled to go to the shops and hub not feeling well we weren’t going to church either.

It was going to be a looooong day today with my monkey especially since hub wasn’t feeling to well.

We bathed for ages just playing and laughing then dressed at our leisure and went to get dirty outside. We jumped on the trampoline, played ball, rumbled and tumbled with loads of hugs and kisses in between. We ate he rode bike and I pretended to get on the back. He built garages for his cars as I looked on in amazement.

We watched a movie, slept ate bathed tumbled and played again and all to soon he wad asking to go to dudu. He also played alone while I managed to finish reading my book.

What a gem of a day, I was truly blessed to have time with my son and time for me.

Upon switching of the light for goodnight my son cuddled into my back so tight pushing his little body into mine hardly leaving room for me on the bed. This just made the day even more special.

Sigh and tomorrow is back to work and school how shall I survive without my monkey. He on the other hand has been asking since Friday night if its Sunday already and is tomorriw school.


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