best day ever

Monkey slept at aunty cooka loo’s house and I missed him like crazy.

Upon fetching him once again he was in tears crying about anything and everything. The emotional part of sleeping out is to much for him to handle and my heart is breaking.

Finally we get home after the shops and he has settled down a load. Obviously happy to be home where he is safe and secure.

We decide to wash the filthy car and clean it out. Now this is right up his ally of fun as it involves water. While we are cleaning out the papers he quickly makes himself a mud bath.

Yip a big puddle in the garden filled with mud and he promptly sits down in it. What bliss for a little monkey and I am squirming and dad isn’t to impressed either but its monkeys delight.

I decided then and there to take sometime out and watch my monkey. I found I was enjoying watching him so much I found myself doing it for the rest of the day.

My son tackled everything with relish and delight. It was so good to see him try new things and enjoy some more accomplished tasks. He has also grown and can now reach the light switches.

So all in all he was much more interesting to watch than any movie, game or tv program. Thank you monkey for making me calm down and just enjoy moment by moment of the day.

Even though we had a two hour nap the day still seemed long and most fulfilling.


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