may i hide pls

Just having shown interest in church my three year old monkey has no clue that he has to sit still and be quiet.

Its not that its reverence or anything nope its the fact that he is disturbing the entire class.

We are going to classes to see if this is the church for us and so I think normally my child sits with a car and blocks and stays quiet for about a half hour. So I pack blocks a car a colouring in book crayons and paper.

Well the cars turn out to be rickety wrecks squealing and rattling so we put those away. Can he build quietly no he scrambles through the blocks.

Settling him on colouring he colours for all of two seconds and cries out I am tiered to colour.

The elders wife takes him and plays with him but he keeps gravitating back to me and disturbing the class.

By the end of the class I wished I could sit under a chair and decided I definitely wouldn’t be repeating that stint in a hurry.

Sigh now to find out what to do with him when I goto class for the next 3 weeks.


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