help i am drowning

Oh dear monkey eagerly goes to school no problem.

“You have to do your homework monkey”. “Please do your homework”. “You can have a sweet if you do your homework”. “I will get my slipper”. Now I don’t want to already make my kid hate school. But seriously isn’t reading and writing a little to much for my boy.

He is 3 and already has homework.

In ZA most kids learn to read and write only at the age of 7. My dude can’t even hold his pencil properly yet how is he going to master his writing. Ok ok so he is just learning to join the dots. Come on but writing out twenty seven to thirty in words is a little hectic for my dude.

Sigh other kids having attended the school are doing so well when they hit the grades already. Am I a neurotic mom who doesn’t want to rush my child or am I being to protective. HElP what age do kids start reading and writing in other countries.

And do they get the dreaded homework task. I am drowning her how do I get my son to do it without making him hate school.


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