sadly proud

My monkey has gone from quiet shy boy to this amazingly wonderful open boy who greets everyone he meets with enthusiasm.

No one is classed beneath him and no one is above him. Everyone one big or small gets greeted the same hello how are you. He may not be kind and considerate always as he very much wants his own needs pleased but he is polite and well mannored.

He shows no interest in keeping close to mom and dad but runs off to where he needs to be. In this day an age it terrifies me that he doesn’t stay close but I also am in awe of who he has become.

My biggest scare though is that he no longer needs mom to pander to his every need and he is becoming independant and his own person. Do children not need their mom until at least they are 18 or um older. I know my sister in laws teens still need their moms.

Sigh we are never happy are we. If I had a clingy niggly child I would be sighing I need a break.


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