little bit big

Well monkey claims to only be a little bit big. He is not big in case he has to do big boy things but he isn’t a baby either as he no longer does baby things except tantrums of course.

Going into school I was politely told that he is a big boy and doesn’t need mom to walk him into school. So on day 4 I ask whether I should walk him in or leave him. Clinging to my hand it is very apparent I need to walk him in.
Nanny says to him but now who will look after me all day I am home alone. Its replied with he is a big boy and has to go to school now. So Nanny says well she will make him small again to stay home. “That’s ok I will just grow big again and go to school.”

I am in awe of my little bit big boy in his answers and his willingness to be separated from his family and comfort zone.

He has learnt to follow dots, color in within the lines all within a space of two days and can write the first letter of his surname without following the dots.

He is already getting homework and he is three should he be getting homework so early in life.

Sigh its a good thing I supose from early to teach him homework is part of life so by the time serious homework starts he will know its life.

Sigh but now I have to do it to.


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