so what u gonna do about it

“Throw that at me just throw it”. A half hearted throw. “I did mom I throwed it see mom.” With a huge smirk on his face and a look that says so what you gonna do about it.

Its the first naughty behaviour of the weekend and I let it slide with a withering look that normally has other kids trembling. He throws another and another and keeps on “I throwed it mom now what”

Calmly and I must say I can’t believe how calm I was. I walk up to him pick him up and put him in the corner. I turn around turn off the tv and then the tears come. “Mom I was watching that, but mom” and he starts a tantrum.

I managed to ignore it totally and after the three minutes out I calmly let him leave the corner. Behaviour returns to normal no more hitting, throwing things and hurting the dog.

for a while we being doing the talk once shout once and I then give a warning a smack will ensue. So I say to him stop it monkey 2nd time I say write that’s two times I have spoken what happens after 3″. Without skipping a beat “4, 5”. Well with logic like how was I in all honestly suposed to keep it together.

While the talking once twice and as long as I get up off my comfy padded toosh after the 3rd encounter works still I seriously don’t like smacks and so the corner will be a good friend for now.

Sigh what happened to a good yelling session like we got as kids. That used to work better than a hiding for me.


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