Best friend ever

This post is to my sons best friend he will ever have or have had for her incredible bravery.

Annie was all 8 weeks when she became a part of our family. She was a pup bought especially for our baby boy who was 10 months old and needed a playmate and friend. We had two sausages but they were to grumpy for him to interact with.

He named her Annie this beautiful pup who was brave playful and full of love for her family. We tried taking Annie to training but sigh she was just to boisterous. Annie Annie but all she wanted to do was play with the other pups.

When it was time to sit in a circle and weave in an out the other pups she would howl until it was her turn. Then she would try and entice each pup to play as she weaved in and out. As for the sit up down etc she would do it once and that was it not again.

She will down for me anytime I tell er to without a treat as she is a most obedient girl. She however is still a pup at two years old and will chew anything she can get. Clothes toilet roll toys etc drives me crazy but then I need to learn to pick up after myself.

Monkey and other kids can pull her ears tail chase her and she has such patience with them never growls unless she is on high alert as a watch dog. Unfortunately this is where the tail turn sad.

Due to the high crime area we live in Annie is on high alert a lot lately. They have been trying to break in next door now for about 2 weeks on and off.

The people have used our yard to gain access and wonderful Annie has been a hindrance. For about a week all they were doing was activating the alarms to get us used to it and believing it was nothing. Unfortunately Annie was as dumb as an alarm and would go crazy barking. Now Annie maybe naughty but when she barks there is no mistaking something is up.

Annie had gone crazy barking and although the neighbour heard her bark when the alarm went off yet again she paid it no attention thinking it was the cat. But horror of horrors someone had been in her house and run off when the alarm went off.

Then things settled for a week no alarms no barking and then it all started again but this time barking only no alarms. Then the neighbour was faced with a man wearing a balaclava at 6 in the morning at her front door trying to break in.

We were on our way to church and the car wouldn’t start and my hubby noticed Annie walking funny and frothing at the mouth. As I opened the door she climbed in hardly able to move and went and lay on the back seat of the car. Twitching and jerking frothing and pooing all over.

We rushed her to the vet who confirmed she had been poisoned. Now had Annie slept outside she would’ve been dead as she would have consumed the poison a lot earlier and we wouldn’t have noticed.

Had the car not played up and only started once Annie got in the car she would be dead as we wouldn’t have noticed.

So thank you dear Lord for not allowing the car to start and so sorry we didn’t make church but loads of prayers were said for our girl as we rushed her to the vet.

The vet having been alerted to our arrival came out the minute he heard my voice. He rushed her and for the fist time didn’t invite me in back with him. Normally I was allowed to stand by my pet and he explained every step of what he was doing. Today I was left out in reception where I paced like a crazed caged animal.

He came out and advised she was stable it was the best news ever if not encouraging. When I called later I was told she had tried to bite the vet as he put in the drip. Yay my Annie was a fighter she wasn’t gonna give up.

I will know tomorrow if she survives or not and whether she will make a full recovery. Sadly and luckily my vet has been treating a lot of dogs lately in same situation and so knew exactly what to do.

So my brave lovely naughty Annie what trauma you endured all because you faithfully and lovingly protected your family and neighbour without fear.

You forever will be the heroine in my books my brave gal thank you for your love loyalty and devotion we love you girl. Monkey says he will poison those badies to and make them sick also.

Sigh my child has now been exposed to the harsh reality of badies and that angers me even more.


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