will he claim his place

So exciting my great nephew and monkeys 2nd cousin are on their way from Cape Town about to be fetched from the airport.

Excitement in the family reigns as aunty P baby cousin monkey and cousin are about to arrive. It’s baby monkeys birthday tomorrow and we are going to his birthday.

My monkey went to play with cookaloo and big monkey and so wanted to sleep over but with the descending of the extended family he can’t sleep over as the house is overflowing with people.

Aunty cookaloo drops him at home the tears are pouring because he has to come home and none of the cousins want to sleep over at his house.

The first visit from baby monkey and already he is being left out. My heart is so sore for him

Being a late lamb in life and cookaloo also they have a deep connection. Even in my tummy if he was sleeping and I picked up cookaloo he would move around in excitement. She is six months older but the bond is so good.
These two wonderful cousins are born just before the arrival of the first of the new generation. Monkey arriving just a mere 3 months before him.

He doesn’t yet go to creche and so doesn’t have any buddies as yet. We also live in a neighbourhood of an older generation and everyone pretty much keeps to themselves.

So tonight is a very lonely night for him. While his cousins are gathered in one house he has had to come home all alone.

My heart is breaking for him. I was brought up with loads of neighbours cousins and friends and then had to move and was left pretty much alone so I know how he feels.

I don’t have family with children his age and so he will need to rely on my hubbies family for cousins. Just seems so unfair to be the odd one out when normally he is very much included in the family.

I know he is so loved by all but tonight is his first exclusion and its not going to be the last. I will have to make a plan and ensure he doesn’t feel the exclusion.

The cousins all live in the same complex while he lives down the road that in itself already excludes him from a lot. Cookaloo and big monkey already share a load together and now he has a 3rd cousin added to the mix.

I just hope that his little personality is winning enough to fit in as if he to lived with the gang and not off on his own.

Sigh yes I know he will find his own space and niche but sigh its hard standing by knowing your child may not be the most popular we always want our kids to be the king pin.

Only his personality can ensure he finds his space in his family.

Love all the monkies of the family sigh I hate not being able to take control of this for him


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