“Mom did you see the flowers I planted for you in the garden, do you like them”  (the sticks that he planted are very sweet). “yes baby they are lovely.”   “mom I don’t like to eat pumpkin.” “Do you know where we get pumpkin from” “The shop.”   Seeing as my boy is now interested in planting I turn to my husband and say to him we must buy some seeds.  “mom I can’t eat seeds I am not a bird.” I am ripped with laughter and am trying to respond but it’s not coming out.  Again I say we must buy seeds and he says “but mom I don’t like seeds
“we will plant the seeds in the ground, then plants will grow and the plants will give us vegetables. Just like the fruit trees give us fruit.”
“that will be awesome mom.”
I could’ve just eaten him up then and there and now all of a sudden everything is awesome. 


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