I dont want to

“I don’t want to go to church.” ” But its childrens church”. “No mom,” sobs my monkey. “We going to fetch Cookaloo also”. Throwing his body around performing not to go we get into the car.

All the way to fetch cooks he is moaning and performing but forgets about it once cooks is in the car. We get to church and there is no sunday school only a party. I give my number and say to them I am going to chur….. They are gone monkey found a bike and cooks the jungle gym.

All through church I check for the message come and fetch your little one no message. I get to childrens church and can’t find them till monkey throws his arms round my legs

“But I don’t want to go home now mom.” “Well the teachers do so please come help me find your shoes”

Tears with I don’t want to go finally we out the door and on the way home.

Sigh a toddlers life is soooo hard


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