so we can eat

Father God we thank you for what we are about to eat and we pray that it will strengthen and nourish our bodies amen.

Now my little guy is starting to say the prayer to and its so adorable to hear I love it. He has asked to go to church, I didn’t even know he knew what church is.

“Ok monkey time to say our night time prayers”. “I don’t want to mom and when we eat in the day we don’t pray.” Realising he might not quiet understand why we pray I quickly jumped in and asked. The answer “So we can eat”.

Sweet but oh dear and so after explaining why he was very eager to thank God for keeping us safe in the day and he repeated some things of thanks from me.

Yay at least pray time is now done a little more willingly.

Now I think we need to instill morning prayers. Its not only to keep us safe but its a great way to have a small bonding time in the morning during the morning chaos. Just to breathe and quieten ourselves before the ultimate rush of the day.


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