screw driver driving me mad

Screw drivers are a most wonderful invention and has proven time and again to be mans best friend. See that’s where people have it wrong its not a dog trust me give a man a screwdriver and its going to make his eyes shine.

Well that’s the case in my house we can’t seem to have enough screwdrivers to keep the two guys satisfied. Now if these screwdrivers were put to good use this would be one happy women. Focus mind up here please not in the gutter.

Of late I am finding an awful amount of screws lying about the house, in my bed in the cupboards on the floor. I will just be picking up a screw and wondering where it came from and as I lay I on the table the table caves in. Um I wonder if that screw maybe belonged to what was once my table “ja think”

I am all for men having the screwdrivers if they drive the screw home you get my point. But it seems screws no longer serve a purpose in my home. As fast as hubby screws them in little monkey unscrews ten more. Now my hubby is a big strong man an he is able to tighten the screws really well. Um not well enough it seems.

The scariest part was I turned my lap top over and my sons eyes started shining his fingers itching and twitching and yes he yelled it out “mom your puter has screws”. Well that puter has been put out of reach and never been brought down ever since.

Monkey is such a screwdriver pro he would unscrew it within seconds flat while I was working on the laptop before I could even say hey.

Anyone want a bunch of screwdrivers after I have rescrewed my possessions together that is.


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